Welcome to Alison Marks Veterinary Physiotherapy (amvetphysio), I am a fully qualified, insured, IAAT accredited (International Association of Animal Therapists) and RAMP (Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners)  registered gold standard animal physiotherapist. I am also a qualified Canine Hydrotherapist (Level 3 HSA) based in Gloucestershire, in the heart of the Cotswolds also covering Wiltshire, North Somerset, South Worcestershire and Monmouthshire.

Specialising in equine and canine physiotherapy and rehabilitation. I offer treatment for a wide variety of conditions and problems including: 

  • Muscle injuries, strains and atrophy

  • Wound and soft tissue healing and management

  • Tendon and ligament injuries

  • Oedema

  • Pain relief and control

  • Orthopaedic and neurological conditions

  • Pre and post surgery physiotherapy

  • Treatment of skin conditions

  • Drop in performance/change in behaviour 


Veterinary physiotherapy is a complimentary therapy that aims to maintain and restore an animals normal range of movement, limit the impact of injury or disease and optimise conditions for the natural healing process. This accelerates recovery and return of normal function and performance.

Veterinary physiotherapy is an essential adjunct to conventional veterinary medicine.

I also currently work with Vale Referrals as the lead clinical therapist, providing rehabilitation as a physiotherapist.